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Lifestyle Vacation Club: The Pros and Cons

All of us want to travel. Some may not want to admit it, but that is more because they don’t want to. They believe they can’t travel because of some reason. So they pretend they don’t want it so they don’t feel like they are missing out. Let everyone know that they can. It doesn’t matter if it is their finances that are holding them back or how they go about planning a great vacation. Or if they fear going out of their comfort zone. Lifestyle vacation clubs are what I will use to explain this. This will be based on my travel experience and knowledge of lifestyle vacation clubs.

The first pro of a lifestyle vacation club.

Value is the biggest pro for many people. Many people desire to get the most value from their money. It is understandable. We work hard to earn our money, so we want as much as possible. My knowledge has shown me that the lifestyle vacation club does exactly that. You get a lot for your money. All vacation packages are available at 4- and 5-star resorts, or hotels at 2 or 3 star prices. They will guarantee you the lowest price, or refund your entire trip cost and send you on vacation. This is a powerful statement. You can always add value to your money by including certain items on the trip. Tickets to Disneyland are included if you’re traveling to Disneyland. Skiing trips include the lift ticket during your stay. You can enjoy a day at a race with great seats and pit passes. Lifestyle vacation clubs are great.

Pro #2 is a lifestyle vacation club.

Don’t worry. Let’s face the facts, we are all busy. It can be time-consuming to plan a great vacation. It is important to locate a resort in your desired area. It is necessary to confirm that there are no vacant rooms during your desired travel time. Next, you will need to arrange activities in the area where you wish to go. This can be avoided by doing it on vacation. But who wants that? It was stressful, and I have done it. You can either pay it ahead of time, or while you are on vacation as I did. Both are time-consuming and a hassle. A lifestyle vacation club takes the hassle out of planning. It’s easy to set filters to the type of vacation you are looking for. Once you have found the trip that you like, you can book it.

3rd Pro of a lifestyle vacation club.

The same trip will be offered to everyone as a member of the membership. This gives you the opportunity to share common interests with other members on outings. You can share a vacation club lifestyle with others, so you can enjoy the same excursions, such as whale watching off Mexico’s coast or wine tasting tours in France. It may be easier to travel your first time if you know there will be others on your trip.

Four of a Lifestyle Vacation Club

I know of a lifestyle vacation club. This lifestyle vacation club offers some amazing perks. An online mall is one of these perks. This online mall has over a thousand shops to choose from. You get “travel dollars” when you purchase items online. These dollars can be used to purchase your trip, flight tickets, or even personal hotels. If you shop enough online and accumulate enough travel dollars, you can go on a free trip. It’s amazing.

The next are some cons. Many things are subjective, so I will offer my own perspective to help you see these cons in a positive light.

Con #1 – A lifestyle vacation club

It’s something I hear all the time: “But I don’t like crowds so I wouldn’t go on a trip with a lot of other people doing the exact same thing.” While you don’t have the obligation to participate in group activities, it can make for a boring trip. You can look at it differently. You will find other people on any trip, no matter if you are on your own or as part of a vacation club. To have a scuba instructor take you and your partner out on a dive, or to book the whale-watching boat for your family only, it will cost you a lot. You won’t find anyone doing the same thing as you unless you spend a lot of money. You can look at it as a prose like pro #3. You share a commonality of interests with others on outings.

Second con for a lifestyle vacation club.

The cost of the trip does not include airfares. Okay, I’m there. They would not be able to do that. People would fly from all over the world, including people from faraway places. These flights would not be possible to charge one price when there are so many people coming from all directions. Let me ask you this. A family from British Columbia Canada books a vacation to Cancun Mexico via a booking agent that includes the flight. The same family, however, is booking the exact exact same trip through the same agent. However, this family is located in Texas, USA. Are you sure that each family will pay the same price for their vacation? No. The family in Texas is closer to Cancun then the Canadian family. Although they claim that the flight is included in the price of the stay, it’s actually just an added cost. The con… I have rounded up the total cost of flights for a lifestyle vacation club trip. Then I looked for vacations that included flights to the same destination. Then I had to calculate the cost to purchase the same items that the lifestyle vacation club included in the price and add it to my “flight included vacation package”. Guess what? The lifestyle vacation club’s final price was hundreds lower every time. This brings us back to pro 1. It’s better to book an individual flight and save hundreds than book a vacation with a flight. Many of us have ways to earn points that can be applied to flights whenever we travel. If the vacation package includes a flight, points cannot be used to reduce the cost of the flight. If the flight is not included in the vacation package, you are free to pay the amount you want. You can use your points, seat sales, or any other means. This makes trips that include the flight a “con” in my opinion. The fact that the flight isn’t “included”, in the lifestyle vacation club, makes it a pro.

Con 3 is a lifestyle vacation club.

Vacations in the Lifestyle Vacation Club are pre-set with dates. Another thing I hear is: It’s my vacation, and I want to take my time. Not a time set by the lifestyle vacation club. Yes, vacations in lifestyle vacation clubs have pre-set dates. Because they purchase vacations at Costco, they can offer amazing prices. They can book large numbers of rooms at one resort at once, which gives them massive discounts and allows them to pass the savings on to their members. For example, I have seen ski trips that were just a few months apart to the same location. There are many times of the year that you can visit Universal Studios in Florida. They provide as many options as possible for flexibility. To lessen its negative side, I propose a new way of looking at it. If it meant saving hundreds of dollars, wouldn’t you be open if your vacation dates were shortened a bit? I know that I would.

Fourth convention of a lifestyle vacation club.

There is a membership fee for the lifestyle vacation club I know of. The initial setup fee is $25 and the monthly fee is $30. Although it’s not a great deal, the company makes it work. Costco charges a yearly fee. To get great deals in their stores, you must pay this fee. You will be glad you paid the fee for these great deals. The same applies to the membership fee for a lifestyle vacation club. To get great vacation deals, you must pay a fee. This company is a true pro at turning it into a pro. Every dollar spent, including the initial setup fee and the monthly fees, is converted into “DreamTrip points” dollars. One dollar equals one point. Vacations have a point worth that you can subtract from the amount you pay to book the trip at a deeply discounted price. The membership fee is like a vacation savings account. This negative can be turned into a positive by looking at it in a different light.