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Are You Aware of What to Look for SEO Packages?

Buying SEO packages, which combine numerous SEO services, is typically a cost-effective and time-effective solution to optimise your website. However, with so many SEO services offering packages at various pricing points, choosing one might be tough. Some consultants will provide off-the-shelf solutions, while others may develop unique applications.

There is a lot of wrong information out there about SEO costs in Australia. From SEO businesses promoting Facebook ads with grandiose promises on a very little budget to SEO services promising moon for a one-time fee. The following are a few things that must be considered.

  • Technical inspection

The technological backbone of your website, as well as the existing site architecture and content management system you use, are critical to your SEO campaign success. A technical assessment of your website should be performed by a skilled SEO agency like Australian Internet Advertising before they begin optimising it.

This entails examining both on-page and off-page features to ensure that your online success is not hindered by technical issues.

  • Keyword research

This is an important part of SEO packages and is crucial to your SEO campaign success. Typically, an agency will target a fixed number of keywords, which may vary depending on the kind of package you have purchased.

SEO professionals will employ a range of techniques to find the ideal keywords for driving traffic to your website. Some of the following may be included:

  • Using research methods
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Examining the keywords of competitors
  • Obtaining feedback from customers, clients, and suppliers
  • Examining the terminology used on key social media sites


  • Link and citation building

Off-page optimization is crucial for improving your search engine ranks of the website. Google considers a backlink or citation from a high-quality website to be a “validation” or “vote” for your website, and also they will give your page a higher ranking if it is linked to or mentioned. Link building may be included in a normal SEO package from a full-service agency.

  • SEO copywriting

If an SEO professional decides that pages on your site need to be added or rewritten, one more service is SEO copywriting that may be included in your SEO packages. Writing web-optimized copy is an acquired talent. Keywords should be sprinkled throughout the body copy in a natural, seamless, and smart manner.

  • Training

Clients should be educated and empowered by a professional SEO company to analyse Google statistics, use content management systems, and optimise their websites.

The amount of instruction you receive will be determined by your initial competence level. A client should feel competent enough to make simple improvements to their SEO strategies by the end of your package.

Look at the value proposition, not simply the bottom line, when calculating the SEO services cost for your company. We have seen a lot of organisations get caught up in deciding on SEO based on cost rather than what is actually delivered. Before paying for SEO services, make sure you understand what you will get each month.