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Veterinary Credit Card Processing & Merchant Services

Best Veterinary Credit Processing Services      

Pet owners often find visiting the vet stressful, expensive, and overwhelming. Although every pet owner wants to be financially secure when it comes time to pay for their pet’s expenses, this is not always possible. Credit card processing for veterinarians is obligated to take into consideration the emotions of their clients when they select their payment processing options.

It doesn’t matter if it is for a routine checkup or an emergency. The relationship between pet owners and their veterinarian clinics is crucial. Excellent credit card processing is vital to that relationship.

Credit Processing Benefits for Veterinarians

Your veterinary clinic will be a place where you spend most of your time and energy hiring top-notch veterinarians and maintaining an efficient space.

This should be the place where you put your efforts.

There is plenty of food for your doggie.

The veterinary payment processing should be an easy guarantee for your customers and not a hassle. However, it should be an important aspect of your business that you should not overlook. You need to make sure that customers can easily pay for their pets’ care, regardless of whether your vet clinic accepts cash only or limited cards.

Customers who rush to bring their pets in for emergency care are often more emotional. Even if you provide exceptional pet care, poor payment processing can ruin an already stressful experience.

Don’t lose valuable customers because of poor or insufficient payment processing.

Instead, choose payment processing that:

  • Increase your sales
  • Accepts mobile payments (Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Android Pay).
  • Uses a variety of terminals that allow you to swipe, tap, and dip.
  • Online sales can be streamlined for eCommerce transactions
  • For a simple and smooth installation

Credit processing that works well for your customers also works well for you. Electronic Merchant Systems gives your customers the freedom and flexibility to pay how they want. We offer competitive rates and payment processing options for veterinary clinics.

You will be the “top dog in your community” if you combine hassle-free credit processing and superior veterinary services.

Credit Processing is a must in this daytime and age. But what can you do to ensure that your customers have a satisfying experience?

Loyalty programs and gift cards for veterinarians

Loyalty is the key to establishing a relationship between pet owners and their veterinarian clinic. These opportunities will help you build trust and customer retention.

  • Loyalty cards
  • Gift cards (Does your vet practice sell small pet accessories or food? This is a great way to increase sales of these items!
  • Design your own card (What better gift for cat dads than a card featuring a furry feline as the cover?
  • Keep your prices competitive with other veterinarian practices that offer loyalty or gift cards

You might consider using a punch card. Every 5 visits, the dog gets its nails done free of charge or a collar/shampoo set for free.

There are many options, and the reward mentality can help build relationships, loyalty, repeat customers, and other positive qualities.