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Different Types Of Body Jewelry

The most popular types of jewelry when you think about jewelry are rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and earrings. There are many types of jewelry that can be worn on different parts, such as belly rings, nose rings, toe rings, and toe rings. These ornaments can be worn by men and women of all ages. Below is a list of different body jewelry types and which part of the body they are worn.

Ear Jewelry

Jewelry for the ear is extremely popular because of its popularity. You can find a variety of ear jewelry that matches the different piercings on this area of the body. Below is a list of ear piercings that can be done and the corresponding jewelry.

Here are the parts of your ear that you can pierce:

Earlobe also called the lobule is the most popular ear piercing location. A single lobe piercing can be done by both men and women. It is not uncommon to see multiple lobe piercings at once.

Helix refers to the outer rim or the ear. Some prefer a single or double helix piercing. Double piercings on the Helix are often referred to as industrial piercings or scaffolds. A forward helix can be placed at the spot where the Helix touches the head. The other piercing can be done further away from the head on the backside if you want it to be an industrial piercing. Next, insert a barbell from the back of your ear through the second piercing along the front of the upper cartilage. Finally, fasten the barbell at the forward Helix piercing.

Crus de Helix refers to the tiny ridge in the cartilage that is located above the Tragus.

Crura of Antihelix is a depression of cartilage above the Crus of Helix. Here is a Rook Piercing.

The tragus is a lower edge of cartilage that connects the ear to its head. This is the area where the tragus piercing occurs.

Auricular Tubercle The edge of the outer part of the ear (the auricle), is located between the earlobes and the helix. Here is where the ear cuff is pierced. Popular piercings of the auricular tubercle include several.

Conchas a scooped part of the ear’s cartilage. Here are the outer and inner conch piercings. The inner conch piercing takes place in a cup-shaped area of the concha, located next to the ear canal. The outer conch piercing takes place on the flat region of the ear cartilage, between the anti-helix/helix.

There are many styles of jewelry that can be used for different ear piercings. There are basic designs that can be used for all piercings, as mentioned previously. Here are some examples of ear jewelry. sells all types of your favorite jewelry in one place.

Ear Cuffs

Non-pierced ears can use ear cuffs. Ear cuffs can be used to add style and flair to your ear without having to pierce it. Sometimes ear cuffs can be attached to lobe piercings. They encircle outer cartilage when there isn’t a piercing.

Here’s A Great Selection Of Ear Cuffs.


This type of ear jewelry appears to be floating on the earlobe, with no apparent connection. A stud earring has an ornament, such as a gemstone, attached to a pin-like post. The post is inserted into the ear via a pierce and secured at the back by a removable clutch.

Stump earrings can be adapted to fit almost any face shape and are suitable for all occasions. You can choose from diamonds, pearls, and plastics. They are suitable for casual, formal, and semi-formal wear. If you love to wear your earrings every day and not take them off, studs are great.

Captive Bead Rings

This body-piercing jewelry can also be used to make earrings. CBRs, also known as closure rings or closure rings, are 360-degree rings that have a small opening for insertion. The ring’s tension secures the bead and closes the gap.


Hoop earrings look similar to a ring but are larger. They can be either circular or semi-circular. They are generally a loop of metal tubing or wire attached to a small attachment that can open to allow for ear piercing.


Barbell earrings, just like their namesake, resemble a gym barbell. Two spherical objects are attached to either side of a metal bar to make barbell earrings. There are two types of barbells: straight or curved-angled. It all depends on the shape and size of the bar.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are made with an ornament, such as a gemstone or beads, attached to the earlobe by a chain or hoop. A drop earring can either be very short or very long, depending on the wearer’s preference. Drop earrings can also be called droplet, dangle, or pendant earrings. These earrings include chandeliers that feature multi-level pendants.

Huggy Earrings

These earrings are also known as Huggies. Their setting is designed to hug the wearer’s ears. There are many sizes and shapes available, including hearts, circles, and rectangles.