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Shopify Store Not Selling – Fix the Two Key Reasons

Shopify is software that allows people to set up an online store to sell products across the world. Shopify service is subscription-based. It helps you create & manage websites, monitor sales, etc. Shopify is a wide ecosystem of services and apps that helps in managing every aspect of a business.

If you set up a Shopify store and expect customers to find it then this is the wrong approach. Your eCommerce site will not sell because there is a traffic or conversion issue. It means you are not receiving the right traffic or your website design is missing some key elements.

How to fix traffic issues?

If you are a startup or not getting traffic then advertising is a quick fix. Use of SEO is a long-term play but you can choose Google Ad or PPC or run ads on social channels. Create a buzz around the internet about what you are selling on Shopify. Use PPC automation tools like the Shopify app available on

It saves your time, enhances campaign performance, and lessens wasted ad spends. Instead of spending time on multiple campaigns, you can work on tasks like identifying areas for increasing audience engagement, business growth, and exploring beneficial advert forms.

The main point is to gain visibility or get in front of seekers interested in your products. You need to be visible at the right moment to increase your online store sales.

If you are getting a lot of traffic but not selling then the visitors are not right. People are not interested in what you sell or you appear before them when they are in their information-gathering phase and not ready to buy.

You need to fix this issue of getting the wrong kind of traffic. Ensure that the product copy is focused and not generic. Use buyer-intent keywords because there is a difference between people looking for information and those searching for products to buy. It will help to attract the right type of traffic and now you have to check the missing elements from your website to improve conversions.

How to fix the conversion issue?

If you are getting the right traffic but they are not buying then it is a conversion issue. So, ask yourself questions like –

  • Is your website sending the right color psychology signals for inspiring the users to take action and buy?
  • Is sales copy associated with customer needs? Use words common people use to search and focus on the benefits instead of features.
  • Is layout suitable for how users read eCommerce websites? Hierarchy is crucial because what they read first and what they are inclined to skim matters.

Your online shop receives the right traffic but is underperforming in some areas, so check and fix it.

  • Highlight and leverage value propositions
  • Inspire visitors to take action.
  • Your website is aligned perfectly with what the target customers’ expectations and needs. For example, if your site is designed for selling shirts but you sell shirts then this is an issue.
  • Make payment process or checkout easy.
  • Accept every form of major payment method.
  • For credibility opt for getting accreditation or certification.

If you fix the only 2 issues associated with Shopify store not selling – traffic and conversion, you will see a considerable difference!