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Read This to Know About Wood Screws of Silicon Bronze

Silicon bronze wood screws have excellent corrosion resistance, making them perfect for wet and high-heat settings where corrosion and rust can affect a fastener’s overall function. Silicon bronze screws have partial threading and also a smooth shank, making them suitable for securing many pieces of wood together.

Whether you are building a yacht or a little DIY project, you can trust that your Fair Wind Fasteners silicon bronze wood screws will be of the best quality and built of tried and tested corrosion-resistant 651 type Silicon Bronze alloy that can endure for decades.

  1. Full body

The shank diameter of wood screws is the same as the outer diameter of the threads. Your clearance hole is going to be entirely filled, resulting in a waterproof seal.

Full-bodied screws are produced from a certain larger wire stock than non-full-bodied screws.

  1. Cut threads

The threads are not rolled, but rather sliced. The shank size of rolled threads is lowered, weakening the fastener’s strength and water tightness once seated.

  1. Cold-pressed heads

These screws’ heads are cold-forged, which causes them to harden through a process known as “work hardening.” With cold-pressed heads, you will have fewer stripped screw heads.

  1. Silicon bronze alloy

Step aside, mystery bronzes. 651 Silicon Bronze is an excellent wood screw alloy for conventional boat construction and DIY projects.

Silicon Bronze Screw Material Advantages

Silicon bronze screws are known for their rosy red color and are made up of 96 percent copper, 4 percent silicon, and numerous additional alloys e.g. zinc, iron, tin, and manganese.

Silicon bronze maritime screws offer improved corrosion resistance, strength, and endurance. Other advantages of silicon bronze screw material include:

  • Friction reduction
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Minimal clearance requirement
  • Non-magnetic properties

Applications of silicon bronze screw

Silicon bronze marine-grade screws have proven attributes that improve the functionality of your project, whether it is increased strength, corrosion resistance, or longevity. Screws made of silicon bronze are more resistant to the elements and salinity.

Applications for direct silicon bronze screws include:

  • Electrical circuitry
  • Gas exposure
  • Marine
  • Outdoor woodworking
  • Power and energy
  • Refiners
  • Sewage

These High Silicon Bronze C65500 Bolts are ideal for maritime settings due to the presence of silicon in trace concentrations. Because of its outstanding corrosion resistance and great strength and endurance even in extreme conditions, all buyers prefer C65600 Bronze Fasteners over any stainless or other metals.

Despite the fact that bronze is more expensive than other metals, Alloy C65100 Fasteners are noted for their dependability and durability. Silicon Bronze Marine Fasteners are nearly as tough as stainless steel fasteners in terms of toughness.

C65500 Bronze Bolt has high corrosion resistance from diverse media such as sulphite and brine containing solutions and gases, in addition to its toughness. Silicon bronze has better corrosion resistance than stainless steel, and therefore C65100 Alloy Fasteners are employed in construction of wooden boat and wood operations.

Furthermore, as compared to brass, Silicon Bronze Marine Fasteners have very high strength. Silicon bronze is preferred by woodworkers over copper because it adds value to the product’s look by enhancing its beauty and appeal.